It has been awhile since I’ve posted.  As you might have figured out, I only post when we are traveling.  My life isn’t quite exciting enough to keep a blog going during the times we are home.  Although we do seem to be plenty busy.  I started subbing at the schools, as an aide, and also as a school nurse. Mark is subbing as an aide and also as a teacher.  This job seems to be ideal for the life style we have adopted in retirement.  When we are going to be gone, we just let the districts know.  Also, we can determine how much we want to work in a week.  There seems to be a great need though, it seems we are being called daily.  I also fill in at the health department from time to time.

We also get to spend some time with these three wonderful kids!

Declan is now 10, Bea is 5 and Leo is now 3.

But the weather is cold and the south is calling us.  So on January 23rd we are heading out.  I am calling this the River/Blues Trip because that is what it has become.  I could also add Civil Rights and Civil War, due to the states we are exploring.  The initial plan was to take the Great River Road all the way down to New Orleans.  With further research, it just made sense to add the Blues Highway (Route 61) to our explorations.  Mark is a huge blues fan and I found this book with small towns on the Highway.  It was so intriguing, I combined the two.

I am again using the Road Trip USA book and added the Highway 61 for the Blues. We are going to drive through Illinois the first day and into Kentucky.  Hopefully it will be warm enough to dewinterize our camper at that point.  Then Memphis is where we will start our sightseeing.  I am trying to convince Mark to camp at the Graceland RV Park, it is right next to Elvis’s home.  We are partial to State Parks and National Forests.  So wish me luck!