My plan was to blog throughout my stay in Los Angeles, but I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I love camping and have grown to love LA, but the transition has been difficult. Mainly due to the length of time I’ve been gone, four weeks today, and another week and a half to go. Plus seeing my traveling buddy, Mark, head out… But I am loving the time I’m having with Declan. And I have been doing some walking in the canyons. So, I’m not sitting inside moping. I just think next time I will separate the two types of trips. Tomorrow I will take some pictures of the succulents in Ben’s neighborhood, and the homes perked precariously above his. 

Today is Ben Zinnen’s 40th birthday!! My how time flies. I am proud of who he has become. I love him and his family so very much!!

Declan and I will be going to yogurtland to celebrate. Maybe he will let me take a picture of him!