Our last night camping together and it couldn’t be more beautiful and peaceful.  We are just North of Santa Barbara and this state park is right on the ocean.  We first went to Solveng, a Danish town, for a lunch of pastries.  We wandered the town a bit, and although it was nice, it was a bit touristy too.  Thinking we may have trouble finding a campsite, we headed backt= to Highway 1, there are a few state parks along it.  The first one we came to had many spots available.  We can actually see the ocean from our spot and hear it as well.

Tomorrow we have only about a 2 hour drive into LA and I’m excited to see Ben, Cassandra and Declan. Although I am going to miss the meandering and exploring we have done together.  Mark is going to stay a couple of days and then start the long drive back.  I’m flying home on November 17th.  I was going to stop blogging after landing in LA, but have some sightseeing to do, so I thought I would continue for a while.  I can show you my favorite LA spots.

Mark and I have a couple of collections of our travels we enjoy finding.  One if of patches of all the different countries and parks we go to.  I also started a sticker collection for the back of the camper.  I am trying to avoid getting too cheesy, and will have to stop soon, but these are some of the ones I picked up this trip.

  Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, here wecome!