Due to the fires in King Canyon, we decided to move on. Luckily Mark noticed Pinnacle National Park and keeping with our National Park theme, LOL, we went. I’m so glad we did, the park is a little gem.

Before leaving this quiet park this morning, we took what has become, one of my favorite hikes. It was a loop and half of the trail went through caves. Some of the areas you really needed to crouch down to get through. Also there were lots of steps throughout the caves. The hike down was all out of the caves, but very beautiful.

At the top of the loop there was a reservoir. 

We are now on the coast for out last 2 nights before LA. Interestingly, the San Simeon State Park is rather empty. But short walk to the beach and Cambria has some nice restaurants. We will probably head down the coast and find another camping spot before LA.

No more concern about bears!!