This is a great area to explore.  Set at the Sierra Foothills, there is lots to see and do.  At first I considered going up to Tahoe and seeing the vacation land up there, and the infamous Lake.  But after further reading, I thought exploring the Malakoff Diggins State Park.  There is a restored mining “ghost town”.  We were the only ones there, but a Ranger opened the museum for us, and we were able to look in windows at all the buildings.  Beautiful spot.  

We then went into Nevada City for some exploring and lunch and an ice cream cone! An old mining town turned into a tourist destination.  The downtown area is old and well maintained with art galleries and shops and restaurants.  Also chinese influence due to the work they did in the mines.  

Mark’s nutritional lunch!

We then took a 3 mile hiking loop near the town.  The Pines smelled wonderful, and the trail was near a rushing stream.  

Tomorrow we leave for Yosemite National Park.  Thanks to our wonderful hosts for a respite from camping, it was wondeful!