We did The Great Basin cave tour they are known for, and it was rather interesting.  I didn’t develop a strong love of caves, but a little  better appreciation.  

Back in the fifties and earlier, the cave was used for dances and during prohibition, it housed a speak easy.  Now that I find interesting.  

There was a steady rain the rest of the day.  So our hiking was put on hold for another time and place.  We did explore the park by truck and the drive up to Wheeler Peak (highest mountain in Nevada) was quite interesting.  Some dropoffs on the way up and quite steep grade at 8%.  They closed the road up later in the day due to snow.  

Nicest outhouses by the way.  Smelled like cedar and spotless.  I feel I am an expert on ourhouses.  I like the ones in Utah, they were roofless, so the flys and smell weren’t contained.  But only able to have those in dry, arid places… 

Now why did I think Nevada was flat? Did I miss that day in school?  We continued on Route 50 across Nevada.  

and it really is The Lonliest Road, but quite spectacular too.  We went over more mountain summits and peaks today, than ever in Colorado.  The ranges vary from forest covered to rock and scrub covered.  

Funky little towns and huges ranches.  I didn’t take pictures because I was busy looking, and driving also. Route 50 also follows the Pony Express route through Nevada.  I didn’t realize it only lasted 18 months, but interesting to read about, and see a few remnants.  

We are now in Grass Valley for a couple of days.  A dear childhood friend is letting us stay at his beautiful condo.  This area is the gold rush area, so we get to do a little exploring.  Then on to Yosemite in a couple of days.