Remind me to check school calendars before planning long trips like this.  We are camped outside Moab, Utah and a place was difficult to find.  It is a BLM campground with amazing views surrounding us.  But it also a 2 day holiday for ALL students in Utah.  The places are packed. 

We are moving west semi quickly, so we had one day to hit Arches and Canyonlands.  Don’t worry, we will be back when we can concentrate on all the great parks Utah has to offerer.  Arches was packed but  we did see the “Delicate Arch” and “Double Arch”.  

By the way, that was the trail to Delicate Arch. Pretty amazing. Double Arch was also beautiful.  

We then took a hike in Canyonlands, not as busy with people, but equally beautiful.  

Tomorrow we leave this lovely, active area for Nevada.  Hoping to camp in the Great Basin National Park.  We shall see what happens.  Right now I am just glad the camper has a shower.  And maybe some pancakes and a fire tonight!