To be honest, when so,done asks me “aren’t you happy to be home” I answer with some hesitancy. I miss my family and home, but have so,e wanderlust in me. I could easily keep going. I think that is a god thing, there is so much of the world left to explore. So… Our last day was in Brussels. Sadly, it seems I always blog when I am tired. And my memory always seems to be shot by then. We saw the Atomic? An exhibit built for the 1958 Worlds Fair, and one people embraced, so they kept it open. Di stained by architects, but loved by the common folk.


Heading into the city center, we explored the “young” city. 


We saw the press interviewing the “smartest man in the world” and I photobombed him. Still not quite sure who he was? But many school children were around him requesting autographs.


Mr. Nesti spent some time chatting with them. And Mark and Ned had some wonderful chocolate.


Another beautiful gothic church with flying buttresses.


The famous Pissing Boy statue, and a couple of pictures from the historic city center.


Tomorrow will be along day of flying and then home sweet home! But what a wonderful trip!!