Bruge, Belgium is a beautifully preserved medieval city. Our introduction to the city was a boat ride through the canals. 


We also explored two churches of significance. One has a Michaelangel statue, one of the few outside of Italy. A beautiful marble statue of Mary and Jesus, that seems to come to life before your eyes, very moving.

A photo doesn’t do it justice. We also saw a relic in another church, that was a vial of Jesus blood. I would take the time to present a simplistic explaination of relics, and their significance to Churches in the early centuries, but am a little exhausted. Relics have always intrigued me though, and feel blessed to have seen so many. No pictures were allowed of the vial…sorry

Bruge is also a city of chocolate! Every other store sold truffles and all other kinds of chocolates.


And here is a photo of our wonderful group. We have really been enjoying this trip, and not quite ready for it to end…

Tomorrow we explore Brussels and then Wednesday fly home. Good night all!!