Exploring the city of Anterp  dispelled any preconceived ideas I may have had of the city. It is the city of diamond selling and buying, so I imagined a cold, financial city. Instead it is filled with life and color. We first toured the artist Reuben’s home. He is know for his “plump” women and cherubs, in my uneducated mind. I have always loved his art and his home was intriguing. From the 16th century and also included his garden.


After a walk through a live chicken and bird market, love when you stumble upon the unexpected.


We toured another art museum, showcasing a man from the 17th century, private collection.


The medieval quarter of Antwerp has the city hall, and the guild houses. The guild houses were, for lack of a better explaination, a kind of union hall for professions.


We then toured the cathedral, but first check out this cup of hot chocolate milk. You could use a spoon.

Ahhhh, the cathedral was breathtaking with more Reuben’s, significant Reubens 

Photo by Theresa Darby


Finally, Mark is intrigued by the vast array of Belgium beers, and I am in awe of the chocolates. Bruge tomorrow.