The Royal Delft factory was our first stop today, the only remaining factory that produces hand painted delft pottery. 


We then went to Hague and the royal picture gallery where the iconic Girl With The Pearl Earring is, along with many other important pieces of art.


After dining out each night, it is usual so late by the time we get it, all I can think about is sleep. And there are so many other things I want to snare with you. The bikers, there are thousands all over the city, and they don’t stop for anything. I am sure I will have a collision before I leave the city. Interestingly, no one wears helmets, and the photo shows how children are usually transported.

I don’t believe the Dutch are known for their cooking, but are meals have been fine. Tonight Mark and I went off on our own and found a wonderful restaurant with Italian food, thank you Yelp! 

Off to sleep again! Good night all!!