Ahhhh!! After 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I am refreshed!! So, I will give you some of my initial thoughts about Amsterdam. First of all, the weather is perfect for touring. Sunny and in the 60’s, although it was a little cool when the sun went down. The city is filled, and I mean filled with bike and bicyclists. There are bike lanes along every street and you’d better be alert to them, or they’ll run you down, and no one wears helmets.


The city is beautiful and the homes lining the canals are especially beautiful. I could just wander the city for hours, looking at them.



A little interesting side note, near the roof line on every home is a hook. I’ll try and get a better picture. Anyhow, it is so a pulley systems can be attached for moving furniture into upper floors. We saw one in use today. 

There is an increase in visitors to the city right now due to an upcoming holiday on April 27th. http://www.iamsterdam.com/en/visiting/whats-on/kings-day/all-about-kings-day-in-amsterdam

I am still trying to understand the “King of Orange” part. But we have seen quite a few orange shirts and the celebration seems to include lots of drinking. Although the actual day isn’t for another week, they are getting warmed up. 

The city is also easily explored on foot, and having a Ferris wheel as a landmark for our hotel is especially nice.


Today we went to the Rijksmuseum, with the largest collection of Dutch masters in the world. Rembrandt… It was a nice collection and the building was beautiful.



I am Taking a little rest while everyone is at the Anne Frank home. I had gone a few years ago, and the secret hiding place is still a vivid memory for me.  So, until tomorrow….

But first a quick picture of Mark in an outdoor urinal…