Tomorrow we leave for the Netherlands and Belgium.  We are traveling with the Morrison Travel Group and the organizers are Theresa Darby and Ned Nesti.  We have been traveling with Ned for many, many years.  He used to organize European trips with Anne and John Frame, who have since retired from organizing.  The trips have been excellent and filled with culture.  As teachers, English and Art, they were a wealth of knowledge, and we were lucky to be exposed to so many wonderful countries, cities, museums and history.  Theresa is an amazing artist and photographer, and we have traveled with her before. We are very excited and almost ready to go.  Of course I have packing issues as usual.  I was very proud to have my lugguage all zipped up and ready to go last night, and then, thankfully, it dawned on me to weigh it.  Yep, 10 pounds overweight…  So, I am procrastinating and writing this blog instead of figuring out what to remove!  Mark isn’t quite done, so I am counting on him to have extra space for my overflow.


This is a website I read frequently, but it hasn’t seemed to help.

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Here is my throw back Thursday picture from today.  I am excited to continue traveling with my best friend.  Next time you hear from me, it should be Saturday and Amsterdam!