Tomorrow is my favorite sister’s birthday. Although I won’t be able to celebrate with her in person, I’ll be there in spirit. And as soon as I get home we are going out…so get ready!!
Love you lots!!


We are camping on Big Cypress tonight, right next to alligators AND Robert. Robert is 70+ yrs and asked us shortly after we set up if we had any problem with reefer. He said he smokes it medicinally, for sleep and recreation. After reassuring him he could smoke away, he explained he get high all day and his wife sleeps. Only in Florida LOL!
We took a 4 mile hike into the swamp today to see some old cypress trees. Cypress trees have things that grow off them called knees. I called them little SOBs…I must have tripped over 100!!



Tomorrow we catch the ferry to Cayo Costa to tent camp. Cellular service is unlikely, so I may not update til we return on Monday.
Still thinking about all the fun we had with the Kemmer’s. Thanks again Doug and Nancy!!