The weather has been amazing! So amazing I have forgotten about the cold and snow. First, I want to thank Ken and Sandy again for letting us hang out in their beautiful home. I hope we didn’t give them a bad name with our camper.

We weren’t loud and didn’t have parties, although there was an incident at a nice restaurant…but we told them about it.
Last night we watched the sunset and it is a big event here.

Today we saw Hemingway’s home and well worth the time and money. The cats are intriguing in themselves. Hemingway felt he was unlucky and the six toed cats brought good luck. They have a whole menagerie to this day, and name them after movie stars.



Hemingway was an interesting man, and had four wives through his life. The pool to his estate was added by an angered wife

We also explored the cemetery across from their home. The epitaphs are some of the best I’ve seen, and most of the graves are above ground due to being at sea level. Fun to explore!




We are going to check out Happy Hour for supper tonight. If anyone knows Mark, a deal is a meal!!