As we wait for nearer to sunset, a big event from my understanding, I’ll take a quick moment to give you my thoughts of Key West so far. We are loving it! First we walked to Duvall Street and explored that area. Many, many shops and tourists, but cool places to explore. Drinking starts early here, even on Sunday’s! But also lots of people on bikes enjoying the sunshine and people watching.



Every age imaginable, and it seems anything goes. Beating to your own drummer? This is where you want to be. The homes are older and well maintained, or new built to look old. Streets are narrow, but that adds to the charm.
This afternoon we broke out our bikes and rode to the beach. There is some sand here, but I believe it is brought in. Great to walk on sand and feel the sun’s warmth! Key West has a laid back atmosphere and the slower pace is easy to adapt to.



We rode through more neighborhoods and saw more of the cool homes, which I could more of. I’ll try and get more pictures of those tomorrow. Tonight we are going down to an ocean front square to see the sunset. I read there will be jugglers, and other street performers. Maybe a gelato is in order too.