My inability to read fine print forced a change to the Okefenokee Swamp. That plan B, should have been Pan A. Due to a winter ferry schedule that didn’t fit our schedule, we ended up camping at a very cool place. Minimal campers also added to the experience. The campground is remote and we were warned to bring all the food we would need.

The morning after we arrived, we took a boat tour of the swamp. The different species of bird and massive numbers of alligators were surreal.



There was a logging camp in the middle of the swamp at one time. It was on an island we later paddled to…about a 4 hour round trip paddle. Changing from a motorboat to canoe, made you feel more venerable to the alligators.
Especially when Mark is jumping every time one of those big boys jumps into the water!



We met some wonderful people from Atlanta, who were enjoying the park as much as us. We joined them for their “happy hour” both nights! They had wings, mussels, Shrimp, fruit, vegetables and entertains conversation.
We are now at Anastasia State Park, next to St Augustine, which we will explore tomorrow. Right now it is 70 and the beach is calling!!