Today, walking 9.5 miles, we explored Savannah with little old me and this book as a guide.

We loved Savannah! Planned as a new colony in 1733, it is laid out in wards. Each ward has a center garden with commercial buildings at each end. Then residential blocks.


So every couple of blocks is a lovely park. Beautiful residential and commercial areas. You don’t realize how far you’ve walked because there is so much to look at. They also revitalized their riverfront area. The river traffic is very diverse with tugboats to large freighters. I could have sat there all day.


It is one of our top 10 favorite cities. Very friendly and dining options abound. Also, the 70 degree weather didn’t hurt either.
I know I promised more pictures today, but déjà vu. Our truck camper malfunctioned AGAIN. The pop up…won’t pop up. All of my electronics are stored under the camper bed, and I can’t get to them. I also have chocolate covered peanuts under there, that are way more important! Mark hopes to repair it himself in the morning. We are then going to change our travel for the next two days and camp in the Okefenokee Swamp at Stephen C. Foster State Park in Georgia. Then continue as planned.