After our weekend trip to Nebraska was extended a day due to the snowfall, and a couple of other things unexpectedly happening. It was questionable if we would get out of town today as planned. But Mark wasn’t going to let anything stop us…nor was I. One thing we did change was our first night stay.

First of all, we planned to leave on Tuesday all along, and I’m not too sure why I started the plan on Wednesday, but the rest is accurate. Anyhow, we decided to stay in a motel the first night and we made it to Corbin, Kentucky.

Mainly because we just crammed everything into the truck. And although it is warmer, it isn’t quite warm enough to take everything out. Tomorrow we will sort it all out. Tonight was hot tub and unwinding from packing and driving.
It was a great time in Nebraska and January was a wonderful month seeing all of our family!!
Looking forward to driving through the mountains tomorrow!!! Meanwhile enjoy these pictures!