It is time to break free of the winter doldrums and seek some warmer weather. I envisioned leaving behind snow on the ground, and burying my feet in warm sand, many times when I contemplated retirement. Due to some events this winter, our leaving has been a little late. But now the time is close. We are going to head over to Myrtle Beach, then drive the East coast down to the Florida Keys.

It is with great sadness, our traveling companion for the last 15 plus years, is no longer with us. Sophie, the best camping buddy, passed in November.


Sophie had traveled to over 40 states in her 15 years. Both coasts, mountains, oceans, desert and hundreds of waterfalls.


She was a great hiker, following the trails over logs, rocks and streams. We saw deer, buffalo, bear and elk together. And we could have cloned her for hundreds of people. For rarely could we walk down the street without someone noticing, and commenting on her. Always “may I pet her” or “what kind of dog is she”? She patiently let people pet her and even had a few tricks to perform.

So goodby to our dear, sweet family member, Sophie. Camping won’t be the same without you.