We were without cellular service last night in Joshua Tree National Park. It was wonderful. We camped among huge boulders, and as the sun set it was magical. People from the campground had climbed the boulders and watched. The boulders were so easy to climb, ever this 55 year old could do it. Unfortunately the photos are on my camera, but I post some of the pictures tonight!?

We traveled all the way to San Bernadino on Route 66 yesterday. Saw the highlight of the day’s route at the end. The Wigwam Motel.



They were amazing and ran by a friendly young couple. We also saw many other old motels, many ramshackle now. I am hoping to stay at one in New Mexico.
We are now driving back to the route after our diversion in Joshua Tree. Picking 66 back up in Victorville. Here are a couple more Pictures from yesterday. This travel is great fun!