Since we are in LA one more day, and the weather, as always is perfect. We headed to Santa Monica Pier, by driving Route 66 there. Tomorrow we will pick up where we started and head East. There is this wonderful app with GPS, identifying the architecture and places to note, along the way. There are too damn many to hit everyone. But I have highlighted the ones I don’t want to miss

The route is also designated. Hopefully we don’t have too many “discussions” following it. If he just goes the way I direct we will be fine!

Some hilights from today were




We signed the book on Santa Monica Pier and stood at the end. It seems appropriate we are doing this backwards.
We did stop at the 50’s diner for shakes. Mark had the Elvis!


Sophie is ready to get this show on the road. Although we are driving some of 66 tomorrow. We are taking a quick diversion to camp one night at Joshua Tree National Park. It is just an amazing experience to camp in the boulders!