We are relaxing here in Laurel Canyon. The history of the canyon is interesting. In the 20’s there were just hunting cabins. Ben and Cassandra actually live in one. During 60’s and 70’s many of the musicians lived here. The Door, Crosby, Stills and Nash…. And many more. The Country Market here is iconic.

Just took a nice walk and going to The Grove this afternoon. Tomorrow we are going to drive Route 66 to Santa Monica Pier, and the take it the opposite direction, when we leave Wednesday morning.
Went to a couple of street markets yesterday. The Studio City market had lots of organic fruits and vegetables. It was difficult not to fill up the camper. The Fairfax Market has lots of vintage items.
Here is our classy set up in Ben and Cassandra’s yard.

The tractor belongs to the neighbor, but seems in keeping with our camper.

Ben and Declan aren’t fond of having their pictures taken. So I snuck a couple of shots in. We dined with Cassandra’s parents last night, and it was very nice meeting them.