There is all kinds of information on the internet regarding how to blog.  how to attract more readers, drawing from people’s areas of interest.  You also can categorize the postings you write so if someone is searching something you have written about, your blog will come up in a search engine.  I have considered doing this, but yet it seems so involved.  Unless I want to make a living at this, it seems unnecessary. Reviewing campgrounds though, intrigues me.  I have strong opinions regarding vault toilets, crowded campgrounds…. So as we continue this retirement adventure, this blog may evolve.

Researching for our upcoming trip to LA and the return driving of Route 66, I have recalled the scenery is quite different from what we are used to.  Mark and I love green, and particularly green mountains with rushing streams.  Although the south is beautiful too, it may take a while to get use to the different terrain.  Instead of tall trees full of leaves, there will be pinions for shade.  The beauty of the canyons are unequaled and I look forward to seeing more canyons beside the big one-Grand Canyon. Maybe the first vision I have when I think of the south, which is a tumbleweed rolling down a barren stretch of road, will change.

Camping among the boulders at Joshua Tree National Park
Camping among the boulders at Joshua Tree National Park
Warren Dunes State Park

Tomorrow we head to Michigan to get our camper fixed.  We are going old school and camp in a tent at Warren Dunes State Park.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  The ground isn’t getting any softer….