We tried to connect with an international plan, but there isn’t any service in the provincial parks, so that was worthless. But Subway has wifi, so here I am in WAWA, Ontario, catching up. The scenery in Ontario is beautiful, the small towns, not so much. They are very small with little to no amenities. Many small travel motels and cabins in shamble. What looked so quaint at one time, is now an eyesore.

Neys was very tranquil. Not many campers and right on a gorgeous beach. It was a prisoner of war camp during WW 2 and we went to a presentation with photos of what it looked like. Some of the prisoners (all Germans) immigrated to Canada following the war, having fallen in love with the beauty. There are many caribou in the park, but we didn’t see any.
On to Lake Superior Provincial Park. We will be back in contact Sunday when we head to Michigan.
We only had enough Canadian coin to wash laundry. The dryer took only loonies (a $1.00 coin). Don’t want you to think in retirement we have already fallen on hard times!!