We are unintentionally unplugged. I knew Canada was another country, but I thought we would still have access. After all, it is just a line? Guess not… I am sitting at a Marina in Red Rock, Ontario. We are on our way to NEYS Provincial Park, having stayed at Sleeping Giant provincial. We have seen the most wildlife at Sleeping Giant. Our camp had its own skunk, which made us a little nervous with Sophie. We also have seen some deer, a wolf and a fox eat a chipmunk. So sad, the circle of life. Hiking was great there, we hike to a quiet sandy beach on Lake Superior, and another interior lake. Sophie is hanging tough, hiking and being carried when she is tired.

I am amazed at all the families camping. Both in Minnesota and here in Ontario. Parents with babies, and many large families with four and five children. An less expensive way to see nature. It is refreshing.

The weather has finally cleared and it is cool (60) and sunny. Heard news about a big storm in Morrison and hope all is well with everyone.
Next update will be when I find wifi again!!
Some photos from Sleeping Giant