Today is the first day we have had real sunshine. I am not bothered by rain when camping if it is for a couple days. But nothing is drying out well. Last night it was even too wet for a campfire. Today though, sunshine and warmth galore! We couldn’t camp at one of the state parks because for weekends, you must have to reserve in January. National forests have some pretty nice spots and so we are at Finley National Forest Campground. It is on the Baptism River and very pleasant. Today we exploring Gooseberry Waterfalls and Splitrock Lighthouse. Absolutely breathtaking, and some hiking too.
I should probably point out one of my flaws, since I’ve outed Mark on his hoarding. I am clumsy, or, as my daughter in law pointed out, perhaps I have spacial issues? I like that better… So hiking on slippery rocks or ledges is especially hazardous for me. So far just a skinned knee, so all is good. Sophie is hanging in there too!