Since I now have internet service available. I am going to do an extra post tonight. I know I am one of those “dog people” who spend a little too much time doting on their dog. But after 13 years together and countless camping and traveling trips, she is one of the best travel companions one could have. She has walked into a couple of herds of deer, and seen a grizzly run through our camp in Wyoming (we missed seeing it ourselves). She sleeps wherever we lay her, in a tent, car and now the camper. Sophie has put her feet in both oceans and many other bodies of water. Has been in deserts and at high elevations. Camped frequently with bears around and hiked many a trail. This last trip has really shown us how much she has slowed down. We now carry her on trails, and the altitude and winding roads seemed to affect her some. Her temperature range is about 2 degrees from her being too cold or hot. We often had the air on for her comfort, although Mark and I had coats on (see crazy people aren’t we). But a better traveling companion can’t be found. We become a pack to her when we travel. Mark is the lead, then Soph, and last is me. She doesn’t like it when we separate, and makes it known we should all be together. I hate to think of the day she isn’t around, so I won’t.