We are camped just inside the Nebraska state line. It was so sad to leave the mountains, and today we drove through some beauties. We took the “Top Of The Rockies” scenic highway. Driving through a couple of passes (summits) and seeing some of the “fourteeners”. There was some snow coming down a couple of times and I even drove through some sleet. We stopped at Leadville, but it was raining, so our visit was short. Tomorrow we are driving through Nebraska and stopping to see Ben, Lindsay and Beatrice. Then Iowa tomorrow and home. It always seems like when vacation time is winding down…you become anxious to get home. Don’t get me wrong, I could have kept going, and wished we had more time at all the places we visited. But since back to work is Monday, it will be nice to have a day to get some things in order. My Father, Marv Schmidt, 89th birthday is Sunday, so we will be home in time to celebrate!