As I mentioned earlier, I wrote a long update, and it disappeared into the abyss. NOW I see a draft option… most of the time my blogging occurs without internet access. Right now I am in the camper on the Roaring Fork River and zero service of any kind. It is raining out and so our campfire was cancelled and we are hunkered in for the night. This campground if right outside Aspen and we are the only campers. It is also the first campground warning of recent bear activity, and take extra precautions. There was even a bear in town today, up a tree, although I guess that has been pretty common recently.

The last few days have been spent driving the Silver Thread route. It was a recommendation of Bruce’s and absolutely beautiful. We have run out of adjectives to describe the scenery we have driven through. There was snow on the upper elevations and with the bright yellow aspen, it has been breathtaking. We have stopped in quaint towns and one of our favorites was Lake City. It had the old boardwalks and old buildings, touristy, but well done.

Yesterday we were in Black Canyon National Park. The North Rim was recommended for tent campers, which we still think we are. Another nearly empty campground. The canyon is awesome, narrow and deep, with the river rushing through. If we walked just a little too far behind our campsite, we would fall 2,000+ feet down. With my coordination, I only ventured on the marked trails.

We are headed to Leadville for our last stop in Colorado, tomorrow. So sad and the time went really fast. Will give you some of my thoughts on this adventure tomorrow night. I figure without the mountains in my way, my 3G will be back in a constant mode.