We drove a loop near Dove Creek yesterday. Mainly to check out more aspen with Bruce and Cathe. Bruce was going to take us up to a fire lookout near Dove Creek. But within a mile or half mile the car overheated. I was really nervous being a long way from much civilization, but the hassle it would be to get their car towed, was heavy on my mind. They called their good friends Betsy and Gary who dropped everything to come get us. We pushed the car down the fire watch spur road, and coasted nearly to the main road. After adding water to the car, it started right up and didn’t overheat again. Mark and Bruce surmised the thermostat stuck. Never had problem again.

Today we are headed to Durango and then up to Lake City. No definate campsite picked out. And there may be snow on the pass, so should be an interesting trip. We are easing our way to the Black Canyon National Park.