Moab is called an adventure town, I have seen the advertisements. And we followed many trailers into town, pulling four wheelers, motorcycles and bikes. Perhaps it is because I am from green Illinois. But having been there before, I couldn’t figure out the draw. I know the Colorado River flows by, and it is near two national parks. The downtown is very nice with lots of adventure clothing and gear shops. But we had camped at Warner Lake before and both enjoyed it. So, we were disappointed the road to it was closed, although it did say Sand Flat Road would get you there. So, on the advice of a couple of 20 year olds, who said Sand Flat Rd was a cool drive. We went for it. The drive was amazing. It was one of “those roads”. The kind with shear drop offs, blind corners and slippery sand roadway. Much of it two ruts single lane, and luckily, little traffic. The area is used for mountain biking and four wheeling, and that is some of the adventure. It was stressful enough driving, i can’t imagine biking on some of the paths that were made. We made 20 miles in 11/2 hours, but were surrounded by red formation beauty. Warner Lake was equally as breathtaking. In the middle of yellow aspens, it was empty but for cows and deer. Later, a family did arrive to camp, and we couldn’t believe they drove that road at night. Today we talked to the family, and although they took Sand Flat up, they told us to try the closed road, and we were able to get through! Much shorter. We are now in Dove Creek, visiting cousins Cathe and Bruce Hill!! I will put up the pictures of Warner Lake tomorrow.These pictures are of Rifle Gap and Rifle Falls and a couple of our drive yesterday.