We decided to do the Ridge drive through Rocky Mountain National Park today. The weather has been beautiful. Although we did wake up to Sophie’s water dish frozen over. Then we took a couple of county roads to meander back to I70. They followed the Colorado River and were gorgeous with the mountain rock? changing throughout the trip. Sometimes it is red and looks like clay. Other times granite…I need to read up on my geology. We have now stopped in Glenwood Springs, one of our favorite towns. It has a public pool that is filled with hot spring waters. Many of the mobsters hung out here in the 20’s, Al Capone for one. There is also a great camping store in town with all items you never knew you needed. I didn’t purchase a thing. Not because I didn’t find anything, but because I am trying to be fiscally responsible. And room here is at a premium.
We are now headed to Rifle Falls Campground. If I have internet, I will upload pictures from today.