We arrived late to Rifle Falls Campground, and it was full. But the friendly campground host gave us a few options. Just up the road is Rifle Canyon, 2 miles of canyon for climbing, and 2 miles of campground. He warned us it was very rustic, without water, electricity, and few toilets. Just our kind of camping. We found a great spot along the stream and set up for the night. I am listening to the stream right now. A little disappointed in the climbers cleanliness, with cans and debris around. And I refuse to use the potties, a rock works just as well. But the area is very picturesque anyway. This morning we are going to walk through the climbing canyon and see if anyone is up and at em. Then take a little hike up to the waterfalls where we were going to camp. When I get an internet connection, I will post some pictures of the aspens, canyons and waterfalls.