Yesterday we went to Estes Park and did a little walk around town. It was at that point I realized the campground I initially picked for the next couple of nights, wasn’t quite the location I expected. We could camp in Rocky Mountain National Park, but we avoid national park campgrounds for a couple of reasons. The campsites are usually close together, and the campgrounds are heavily used. So, I got out my trusty Best In Tent Camping book, and found Rainbow Lakes Campground. It is a national forest service campground with 16 sites. On a mountain stream, but also 6 miles back on a very bumpy rough road. So, there are only tent campers, and our trusty truck camper. No showers, electricity, or even water, so a true test of our camper’s durability. We are also at 10,000 feet, so a little chilly at night. These are the campgrounds we love. Last night we had a great campfire, and ran the camper heater for a short time to take the chill out. This morning i had my first shower inside the camper and the heated water was wonderful! We took a hike to a series of lakes and just sat by the water and read and smelled the alpine air. We were near the tree line and even near snow on one of the mountains.
One of the recommendations from our book, was to take in the town of Nederland. That is where I am now, at the park by another rushing mountain stream. It is a quirky little town with lots of hippies, or wanna be hippies? But good food and neat shops. We picked up some italian deli sandwiches for our meal tonight. Soon to head back up the mountain.
The aspen are in full array of color. Bright yellows, golds and rusts. The highway is lined with people pulled off to take pictures.
Here are some of my recent photos. We have taken to carrying Sophie when hiking. At 13 years she doesn’t have much interest in scampering over rocks.
No internet or cell service where we are camping. Not a bad thing….